TRADITIONAL & SIMPLE! Tradition of Bengal!

Honey & Beeswax

We collect our honey straight from the Sundarbans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. the Sundarbans is famous for Royal Bengal Tiger and its honey.

Honey hunting happens once in a year in Sundarbans – April to June which is the most lucrative of all the forest’s products, and the most dangerous to gather. Sundarban’s honey is Wild, Raw and pure Organic. that’s why its called the Liquid Gold!

Collection of Sundarban Honey got a term as “Hunting” since lurking danger thrives while in search of beehives in the wild, they run the risk of meeting a deadly foe – the Royal Bengal tiger and number of poisonous snakes including King Cobra.

Single flower

From Aegiceras Corniculatum, commonly known as black mangrove, river mangrove or khalsi flower. Carefully collected just after the blooming period during the month of april each year. That’s why this honey is only available once in a year when honey hunting session officially starts in the sundarbans.


Wax is the home of honey,  So our honey is stored in beeswax coated jars made out of solid mahogany wood which is a leftover and sold as firewood!  Carved by local artisans of the south. For best taste our honey is raw & wild, It’s unpasteurized, Unprocessed & manually filtered.

Our travel-safe glass container is also available in 200g only.


Peanut & Butter based

Among oil crops grown in Bangladesh peanuts (groundnut) rank third position both in area and production volume. Their potential is great as a cash crop contribute much to improve family income in rural areas.

Peanut is a major crop in the char lands of Bangladesh, but because of poor yields, farmers derive a limited income from the crop even though this crop needs no fertilizers or insecticides.

The purpose of putting peanut in our menu is to improve the livelihoods of poor and vulnerable farmers by consuming peanuts and peanut based diets in our daily life thus how we want link farmers of the Char lands. Moreover the places we are sourcing our peanuts – using no industrial fertilizers.


Peanut butter

Coffee & only coffee

We are serving Ethiopian Guji Zone Akrabi Coffee since Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee! Freshly roasted grind in a very tiny batch for each 5 cups only. We pull our shots by a manual espresso machine and also use press, pour over drip and vacuum pot to brew plain, clean similar to americano coffee and of course without milk and sugar to enjoy the floral intense aroma, sweet fruit, soft citrus taste and near sparkling acidity !

We thought of not putting your coffee in a machine so that you can see how it has been brewed and certainly saving lot of energy!

We are still trying to master cappuccino with locally sourced cow milk. Not so good yet! If you are still keen to try without the ART on top, please stop by.


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We have received heart full of love while traveling on bike in the other countries! From the village of Bhutan to the flat of Saskatchewan – we have met the most beautiful minds around the world being on bicycle!

Enjoy a complementary coffee and cookie along with your cyclist friend.

If you are a touring cyclist, touring in Bangladesh or want to tour in Bangladesh, we can help you with plan, accommodation, advance shipping of your gears, bike checkups, free movies and things that we have and can spare!

You are welcome!